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About me

Hi! I am a DM from Canada and I have DMed for many of my friends, and also met tons of amazing people DMing online. I've run for all sorts of players, from new to veterans, and people looking for serious games to more lighthearted games. My games are RAW, although we can discuss homebrew rules in session 0. and I am great at balancing RP and combat to the amount you want. The games are difficult, but they start off easy to wean you into the difficulty. Monsters will be played as intended, and death is a possibility. Combat can have RP elements in it and I love to reward creative thinking. I am a pretty relax DM and love all aspects of DnD, so if I see you are enjoying certain aspects more than others, I will put more of those in, and less of things you don't like. It is my job to full fill your DnD fantasy.

GM style

I love DnD because I can meet people with all sorts of ways of thinking, and also it is a game that allows the player to try anything, because it is run by an actual person, so my games reflect that. I love creative thinking and so I try to say yes to most things. I do run RAW, although we can discuss homebrew rules you might like. That said, if you want to try something, even if it is not RAW, you can ask, and I might be able to offer suggestions on how to make it RAW, while still being able to do what you want. I am enthusiastic to say the least, and I enjoy all aspects of DnD. Whether you want role play or combat, I spend tons of time planning out things you will love. Combat ranges from easy to difficult. Tactics depends on the creatures you are fighting. Creatures will fight as their personalities say. A smart creature might not always just go for the closest person, while a tactician will have plans on how to go about fighting the party. Death is possible in my games, although it is not often. I homebrew about 80% of the creatures in the world, so I am very familiar with balancing. I am a firm believer of this being a CoOp story building game, and so the most important thing for me is you play a character you will love. It doesn't matter if the party comp is weird (weird party comps are generally pretty normal and actually a lot of fun). It is my job to balance the game for you guys.

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