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About me

Well...hello there fellow D&D enthusiasts! I am so truly thrilled to make your acquaintances. There is really nothing better than collaborating with others to create an epic story. Over the past 20 years, I have played my fair share of D&D and other roleplaying games. Throughout all of that time, it was not until just in the last 3 years that I actually started G.M.-ing. I have to tell you, playing now does not even hold a candle to it. I have always loved writing and storytelling. Now, I am putting those loves to use for you. Please, I invite you to come and write our next epic adventure together. Let us thwart the evil lich, Acererak, free the oppressed peoples of Barovia from the vampiric clutches of Count Strahd von Zarovich and vanquish the mighty Tiamat and her unwaveringly devoted following. I am all about the high fantasy and the rule of cool. I am here on a great quest. One that will not be easy, but what in this world worth attaining has ever been easy? I am here to create unforgettable experiences for you, the players. Come, cheer, shutter, cry and rejoice with me as I take us to the ends of the Material Plane and beyond!

GM style

I love intrigue and tension. I love immersing players in the story through their senses. The dusk laden woods with a fog rolling in...what does it taste like? The dark, wet caverns of the coastal would be able to concentrate better on what lies ahead if only it weren't for that drip that seems to relentlessly find your head every few steps. I love conflict, but even more so...I love conflict resolution. I am here to create unforgettable experiences for my players. I strive for their story to be written by their decisions and character's lives as well as my own. And well, if their character's time must come to an end, that too will be unforgettable.

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