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About me

Welcome, I've been running TTRPGs both in person and online for half a decade now, and I look forward to helping tell a story with you! I run mainly 5e Dungeons and Dragons, but also have experience with Lancer. My games are hard, but rewarding. With custom made maps, homebrew enemies, and years of experience running for veterans and beginners alike.

GM style

While I embrace all the pillars of play, my focus tends to be on environmental storytelling/exploration and hard but fair combat. Some examples of popular events from games I've run: A moonlit escape from a village being invaded by devils and their worshipers, crawling through the mud and leaping from roof to roof to evade detection. Feeling the hot, sulfurous, breath of a bone devil as a tabaxi sits covering their mouth so it wont hear them as it walks by. Hunting a coven of hags, tracking them and the three children they've captured, to the dank and briny cave they call home. Three masts jut haphazardly from the tumultuous surf. A chain drops from each into the water, from where faint and garbled cries can be heard. Deep inside a mountain, through the caves of the dwarves who swore to hide it, a cavern cut into glittering and ruby filled walls. Glinting from the torchlights, thousands of gems of every variety tempt them. Just as they tempt the two creatures who now battle and move through the jewels like water. A dragon whose scales have long since petrified, ever longing to shine with the brilliance of the sun. And a demon borne of greed, blind to all but wealth, and forever hungry for it. Both deceived by this group of adventurers, who now wait to face the victor.

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