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About me

Hey friendos! I'm GM_Vellyn, a TTRPG and gaming nerd who has been playing some form of a tabletop game for over twenty years now. I have most recent experience in D&D 5th Edition, but have branched out over the years to anything from Pathfinder to a friend's homemade setting for a post-apocalyptic world called Codetta to the Witcher TTRPG and even some old AD&D and White Box. I stream making maps occasionally and also create maps for clients sometimes. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to chat!

GM style

Light "Rule of Cool" - if you can explain it to me in three sentences or less and makes sense, I'll turn it into some kind of roll for you! Power - I tend to adjust combats to be "hopefully dangerous", so I usually compensate that in character creation with a little kinder dice rolls for abilities. World-Shaping - Want to rule a nation? Lead an army? Open an exotic fungus and bookshop? Feel free! Create your own paladin order or monastic religion. Anything is possible once you're powerful enough! New Player Friendly - I've played with dozens of new players(I DM'd at my favorite bar twice a week for a year, and now I work as a DM at a Private Event Space), so I encourage any new players to feel free to join my games :)

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