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About me

Hey! My name is Teek. I am one of those rare people who would rather be behind the DM screen. There's nothing I enjoy more than pushing the buttons and pulling the levers as a party's story unfolds, of course with a little surprise here and there to keep them on their toes. I'm a big believer in maintaining player agency. I'm not here to tell your story for you, I'm just here to fill in the gaps. I especially like DMing for new players and encouraging them to take the reins. I have a thorough knowledge of the rules but also the good sense to know when to throw them out the window for an awesome moment.

GM style

I enjoy roleplay that knows when to be silly and when to be a bit more serious. I love refining monsters tactics in combat. I'm a big fan of the blog "The monsters know what they're doing" as well as Mrrhexx's youtube series "What they don't tell you about..." I also enjoy presenting well established adventures in new ways on top of running my own homebrew world. I'm not the best with character voices but I feel I get the tone of situations down very well. Consequently I also don't have a problem with players don't want to do voices for their characters. We can't all be voice actors haha


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