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About me

I'm a experienced GM, I've run many different systems , interesting modules and fun original campaigns. I'm looking for players who would like a entertaining and deep adventure. Players that are interested to play some of the following types of games: Sword & Sorcery , Horror, Super Hero, Modern fantasy and sci-fi. As stated before, I prefer using game rules with very little home brew , I like to use the game's intended progression rules. I'm looking to play both premade or original adventures. I'm willing to run in-person sessions; however, that's only if the group has a max of four players that can meet regularly . My current location is mid-coast Virginia, if interested. I can run different programs and will work with my players to provide the best experience. I'm a flexible GM, Looking make sure its a fantastic and interesting Session for you and your party. Price for running your game: price goes for $12/hr per-session and $1.50 per extra player to maximum of seven players. Sessions can be a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 7 hours. You get an extra 30 minutes setup per-session for courtesy. 7 hour sessions have two 15 minute courtesy breaks as well. You have to pay half the session up front to register and must cancel within 48 hours in advance to receive a refund . The game also must be registered 48 before your attended play time and the number of players must be listed. The registration fee will not be adjusted but the hourly rate will if your players have to cancel there session. For play by post, you'd pay me for 3 hours each day you'd want me to respond. You/your party should pick a time a majority of your players can watch the post and respond. There are a couple other things but that's the gist.

GM style

I like to run solid role-play and like try come up with voices for my characters . I expect you to roleplay best you can though, I'm not expecting theater majors or improvising experts out of of my player. I do expect my players to role-play and be respectful to everyone. For the most part I'm aiming for everyone to have fun for your whole party. I do like following the rules of a game closely with limited house rules. I love using props, images and having maps in my games.


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