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About me

I first started playing D&D at university, that was 3 years ago now. Since then there have been many a PC, NPC and monster at my table that's for sure! I aim to provide an inclusive space for all. Especially those who may feel nervous to sit around a table with a bunch of dudes. So if you're a woman, LGBT+, POC or even just not comfortable in usual D&D spaces, I hope that you'll find my table a welcoming one!

GM style

I love heavy roleplay games, often my sessions don't even include combat, but that is because my players usually love RPing together or exploring the world. I have a catalogue of terrible character accents and voices at hand, so there's sure to be a time where you can laugh at me - and hopefully it will make you more comfortable to RP yourself. When I do combat, I like it to be meaningful and to aid the story. As such I love to create an immersive atmosphere, miniatures, terrain and battle-maps galore.

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