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The Silent Prince

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About me

I have been a player for quite a long time, and recently became a Dungeon Master. Recently being relative. I began playing D&D back in the early 2000s, starting with AD&D 2nd Edition, otherwise known as 2nd Edition Advanced. I have two years of Online DMing under my belt, mostly with 5th Edition, as requested by the players, and I have not kept precise time on how long I have been DMing for. This is due to the enjoyment of myself, and of my players. I am a chill, relaxed DM, but I do not brook others ruining the game for everyone else. I am also a Balanced DM, as I have a balance of Roleplay and Combat. Upon request, I can lean one way more than the other, but this request must be a majority ruling. I mostly operate under my own Homebrew, using 5th Edition. Further information can be given, upon request or joining a game. I primarily operate using Foundry VTT, and with the use of Port Forwarding, for my Online D&D games. I live in the USA, and my times are rather flexible. Of course, all players will need to agree upon a time.

GM style

I enjoy a balanced DM's breakfast of roleplay, combat, puzzles, and everything inbetween. Upon request, I have no qualms with leaning towards other particular items, as well. Though, this does need to be agreed upon by the party. I love roleplay, dropping tidbits of information that don't answer anywhere near enough questions, having PCs come to their own conclusions on recent events, and unfolding a world as they explore, fight, and get stronger. The world is a living place, after all. If you make the choice to spend a night in the tavern, rather than escort that nervous caravaneer, the players may happen upon the ransacked caravan. Overall, I'm rather patient. Though, I don't go for Chaotic Stupid, and I will deliver a DM's Bonk if you keep annoying the rest of the party with your antics. If people are having fun, though? Then you're a-okay. I just want folks to have a good time.

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