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I have been playing and GMing (mostly the latter) TTRPGs since I got the Basic Box Set of D&D some ... er ... several decades ago. I cut my teeth on AD&D and have played and GM'd every iteration of Dungeons & Dragons since. These days, I tend to run Powered by the Apocalypse games and horror one-shots, including a mean online Ten Candles game. I like fast, entertaining play in theater of the mind that doesn't get bogged down in rulebooks (but doesn't ignore them, either) and has a nice mix of RP, combat, humor, seriousness, and, of course, horror. To keep up with what I'm offering and other gaming commentary, sign up for my mailing list at

GM style

If you're looking for horror in your gaming, sprinkled with a liberal dash of humor, you've come to the right place. More generally, though, I firmly believe that in addition to entertainment, ttrpgs encourage interpersonal, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills -- they certainly did so for me growing up ... and now. And though these days I embrace "rules-lite" games (particularly those Powered by the Apocalypse) that build off of player interactions and input, I also enjoy returning to D&D (5th Edition, primarily) to explore tombs, temples, and critter-haunted dungeons. I encourage a mix of combat and role-plalying situations (and role-playing within combat situations), and tend toward being very descriptive (I get bored with "That hits, you take 4 damage" and prefer even the quick "It slashes yellowed talons across your arm, drawing blood for 4 damage" kinda thing. I also lean heavily (especially in online play) toward theater of the mind, where we build the scenes in our head parts by using our mouth parts rather than depending on tactical maps -- but still use a lot of the latter in my D&D games.


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