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Hi! In addition to being a professional game master (both here on Start Playing Games and live-and-in-person), I'm a published short story horror author, once-upon-a-time professor of college-level English, and host of the horror-and-humor actual-play audio drama, The Gothic Podcast. I started gaming in the Way Back, beginning with the D&D Basic box set that I asked for for Christmas because I liked the dragon on the cover. And though I still love playing and running D&D (and its cousins, Pathfinder 1e & 2e), I have gleefully embraced many other systems, especially Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) games such as Monster of the Week. I also loves me some Ten Candles, City of Mist, Alien RPG, and many others. Oh, and Catthulhu! Meow...aaaarrrrrhhhhhhll! To keep up with what I'm offering and other gaming commentary, sign up for my mailing list at or check out my blog at

GM style

Though these days I embrace "rules-lite" games that build off of player interactions and input, I also enjoy returning to D&D (5E and Pathfinder 2e) to explore tombs, temples, and critter-haunted dungeons as well as to build on "themed" settings such as swashbuckling-adventure Musketeer-style games, or low-magic Conan/Red Sonja-esque games. I encourage a mix of combat and role-plalying situations (and role-playing within combat situations), and tend toward being very descriptive (plus character voices--well, attempts at, anyway). I lean heavily toward theater of the mind (TotM), but do use a variety of battle maps and imagery to help that along--especially when running more 'tactical' games such as D&D and Pathfinder. table is a place of entertainment and enjoyment. As such, there's no place at it for intolerance or gatekeeping. I reject racism, xenophobia, transphobia, bigotry, intolerance, ableism, ageism, and gatekeeping; these attitudes will not be accepted at my table among our players, where we should all be working toward building a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for one another. Players of all orientations are welcome at my table and my tables are quite definitely LGBTQ+ friendly. If this troubles you, move along.


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