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Hi! In addition to being a professional game master (both here on Start Playing Games and live-and-in-person), I'm a published short story horror author, once-upon-a-time professor of college-level English, and host of the horror-and-humor actual-play audio drama, The Gothic Podcast. I started gaming in the Way Back, beginning with the D&D Basic box set that I asked for for Christmas because I liked the dragon on the cover. And though I still love playing and running D&D (and its cousins, Pathfinder 1e & 2e), I have gleefully embraced many other systems, especially Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) games such as Monster of the Week. I also loves me some Ten Candles, City of Mist, Alien RPG, and many others. Oh, and Catthulhu! Meow...aaaarrrrrhhhhhhll! To keep up with what I'm offering and other gaming commentary check out my blog at

GM style

My GMing style leans toward Rule of Cool, and I'll always go that route over spending valuable game time looking up rules in the book. And though I do like a healthy dose of combat and conflict in my scenarios, I also like a good session of Role Playing and exploration. In other words: a mix! Characters in my games will experience horror, humor, adventure, hope, despair, moments of overcoming great adversity, and near-death experiences (or possibly death experiences, if we're playing Ten Candles, but hey!). That said, the players in my games should feel safe at my tables and so we implement a variety of safety tools to make sure everyone is having fun. I also encourage the embracing of diversity, inclusion, and good feels all around. Players at my tables should come ready to be each other's fans and to help everyone share the spotlight.


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