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I am a "forever GM" and I like it! I've been playing for [[REDACTED]] Years, since the dawn of D&D 3.5 when I was in middle school. I've introduced so many people to the hobby I've lost count. I love running games, both my own homebrews and published adventures! I tend to enjoy high fantasy and sci-fi, and like to tailor my games to my players' taste. I mainly play Pathfinder (1 and 2) and Starfinder, but I have played a LOT of D&D 3.5 and 5, and dabbled in other systems. Something that has stuck with me from playing Monster of the Week was that as the GM, one of my rules is to be "a fan of the player characters." I am not just the GM, but another player helping to tell the story. I want you to succeed. And struggle. And have those "Oh crap, remember that time..." moments. As a GM I enjoy a mix of roleplaying and combat. I run mostly Pathfinder 2E, which lends itself well to combat and action oriented games, though I also like players to get involved in the world and story, and I love to bring the NPCs to life (especially through weird, silly, random voices). One of my specialties is teaching newbies how to play different systems. Throughout my gaming lifetime I have introduced dozens of people to the hobby, and most of them still play today.

GM style

I love roleplay, random and silly voices, tactical combat, light puzzles, and worldbuilding. I can handle newbies, experienced min-maxers, and everything in between!

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