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About me

My love for role-playing started as early as in middle school when I spent hours of my time making up fantastical stories with my friend during hour time hanging out. That quickly turned into passionate world building and DMing. 15+ years later I'm here trying to reach as many people as I can to share this passion and tell those stories with them. Slay some monsters, save the world, you name it.

GM style

I'm an adaptive gm. I can write stories around your characters, putting them in the spotlight, letting you feel like the heroes you want to be. Oh you want to be villains? Sure we can do that. I tend to work with my players individually, setting out little details and getting everyone involved to the best of my ability. I listen to your voices and adjust things on the fly if I need to. As long as everything is within mutual consent. I put big emphasis on RP and telling a good story, but I don't shy away from more combat oriented style as well. I like to combine both. Small moments and character interactions are as important as big epic fights and big plots. I like my players to be the focal point of the story. It's about your characters after all. My specialty if fantasy, I don't shy away from modern or sci-fi settings if my players want to run those as well. I pace my campaigns around players as well. You set how quickly the game progresses. I can do short and long campaigns as well as one shots if that's what you're looking for. Here's some ground rules: - Contact me before booking a game so we can discuss what you want to do and how we're gonna go about it. That includes character creation and pre-gsme consultations. We need to be on the same page with everything. - Trolls, munchkins and hecklers are not tolerated. If your fun is getting in the way of others, we're gonna talk all about it and if you fail to adjust, I'm afraid there will be no place for you at my table. - It's all about you, the players, but I as a GM have the last say about what's included in the game. That goes towards homebrew content as well as narrative. I don't mind running darker, more gritty stories, but there are certain lines that I'm not willing to cross. We're all supposed to have fun here.

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