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About me

Growing up in Michigan allowed me lots of space for exploration and using my imagination for entertainment. Exploring the woods and lakes that are so common to the state gave me plenty of canvas. I learned to read later than most of my peers, but once I could, I never stopped finding new things to read and learn. Books of fantasy and sci-fi, books on science and art - I had interests in almost anything you could think of, and this has served me later in life as I became a GM before I ever was a player. Discovering my love for role play games led me to YouTube series such as Dice, Camera, Action, run by Chris Perkins, and then his other game, Acquisitions Inc. These gave me a foundation to build my style and helped me start creating all kinds of adventures. I've since run games such as Starfinder to broaden my horizons, something I try to do constantly so that I’m always improving and giving my players a better experience as fun is the whole reason we all share this hobby. Should you select me to be your DM, we can combine our minds to create memorable adventures that you’ll remember for a long time. Roll20 profile:

GM style

My personal style of running a game is to offer a dynamic story that is built around my players, be it a module or home brew game. I try to balance things between roleplay, combat, and exploration but am perfectly fine changing the focus to what each group likes about the game. The beauty of tabletop games such as D&D is there are very few, if any, wrong ways to run a game. The number one rule is player enjoyment, rules being only a foundation to give chance and possibility to the game so it doesn't run into a dead end or become boring. I have played with groups that like roleplay and groups that are playing just to optimize their character and wreck their enemies. I enjoy it all as my players' minds fill with images of great battles and clutch negotiations and love watching my players turn a moment of almost sure death into an epic victory. The player isn’t my enemy: they are my co-star in a show of pure fun and chaos as the world around them takes shape.

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