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Hello There! Welcome to my page! I've been DMing for a long time and have specialized in helping new players develop and grow in the hobby of TTRPG's. My preferred system is D&D 5e, but I also have some experience with the Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness systems. I've familiarized myself with a multitude of systems over the years so if you want to homebrew mechanics, I have a wealth of knowledge to work with. I have my own homebrew settings that can be played as One-Shot modules, or as full scale campaigns. I house rule specific things within either of my preferred systems to favor the quality of life for my players. I take my time resolving in-game events. The only thing I ask is that I receive the same respect and patience that I will show you as we progress. Roll Initiative, let's get started!

GM style

I LOVE roleplay! Combat is interesting and a very important part of gameplay, but nothing beats watching a new player break out of their shell and lose themselves in character. I love working with new players, and mentoring people in this hobby, so if you ever have questions about playing TTRPG's just give me a shout, whether I'm in your GM or not. When it comes to the table, I take player experience very seriously. This is why I have a two hour policy for cancellation notice, and why I will sometimes ask players to take a second to allow the tension in a situation to disperse.


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