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About me

I've been roleplaying since the 1980's and in that time have a wide experience of different games, editions and roleplaying styles. From the original red box of Dungeons and Dragons, with the dice you had to colour yourself and hand drawn maps on squared paper, to the modern age of virtual table top I've enjoyed roleplaying in all its forms. In that time whilst I have played a lot I have gravitated towards running games and have been a GM for the best part of 30 years including Dungeons and Dragons (all editions), Pathfinder, Shadowrun and Savage Worlds. From playing at a club, running a Living Campaign in the UK, to organising conventions Roleplaying has allowed me to meet and play with people from all parts of life and all over the world and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to try it, there are no prejudices here. An early adopter of the virtual tabletop I have run games on most of the well known ones including Roll20, Maptools, Fantasy Grounds before settling on FoundryVTT I love bringing a story to life and making the players the centre point of that story, as such I often find myself adapting to different play styles and motivations as they play. Newcomers are always welcome and I am happy to explain any rules they may not be clear on. Ultimately its about having fun and if you aren't having fun then I'm doing something wrong. Running and playing in a campaign requires a level of commitment and I appreciate that playing in games can get expensive so as an added incentive after you have played for 10 sessions I will give a 20% discount for future sessions (you'll probably have to remind me though, and a review at that time is always appreciated)

GM style

Roleplaying is about having fun. I love the story side of things and the weird and wonderful ideas players come up with, its up to me then to deal with them. The best games are when the players connect with their characters and the adventure. Tactical combat is part of the game and I love to make use of the technology to bring the game to life.

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