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Jordan (Glasses)

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Jordan (Glasses)he/him

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About me

Hey Everyone! The name is Jordan and I have been playing Tabletop games for the better part of my life. I am currently in college looking to get a degree and now with this hopefully trying to pay my way through that by offering my services as a worthwhile Dungeon Master. Crafting adventures for players and helping them experience the true joy of tabletop.

GM style

When I GM, I love roleplay and I also love making characters that the players will hate or love. I do my best when creating characters with a personality and voices to match, but sometimes I am down to just clown depending on if I'm trying to keep it light or not. I am more interested In roleplay as an aspect of tabletop games but I also really enjoy mysteries. Getting players to think is the greatest reward for me as a GM. Combat in my games is really never random but important to the story. No one likes to die to just some random encounter. I value player agency and will never force a player into something they do not want but ask them how they were involved with something or why they are. Backstories are something that I want to be a part of the story because it's the difference between working at McDonald's to run and gunning down the streets to shut down the Spade Gang.

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