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About me

It started with writing; fan-fiction to be exact. My childhood best friend and I were obsessed with the Ranger's Apprentice series and decided to write about our own apprentices and their adventures. After that it was running around in our backyards (and sometimes the grocery store parking lot) pretending to be great warriors fighting against evil (often actually fighting, as with the wooden weaponry our parents made the mistake of buying for us from the Ren-Faire). A decade and some years later its Dungeons and Dragons. I got into 5e about 4 years ago now (the pandemic was great for that sort of thing) and fell deeply in love. I'd been burnt out from writing for a while but DnD gave me the space to run wild with my creativity without the pressure of being all on my own, crying at a blank computer screen. Since that fateful first session, when I sat down with a group of kind of friends, mostly acquaintances who had also never played before I've grown a lot. I've gained confidence in myself and in my creations, I've learned that you don't need to follow all the rules but also that maybe making every single cantrip a bonus-action isn't the *best* choice for encounter balance and I've learned how to make my table (virtual and otherwise) a safe, fun and inclusive atmosphere for all.

GM style

Storytelling is the most important things to me as a Dungeon Master and a good story starts with a good setting. Worldbuilding is my forte, from my custom pantheons to the detailed history of the cities and villages and the factions and individuals that dwell within them I pride myself in being able to create a world that feels alive. Here's the long and short of what you can expect at my table : --> A safe, inclusive environment (both in and out of character) that welcomes individuality. As a queer neurodivergent person this is of the utmost importance to me. --> A solid foundational setting, homebrewed Gods, magic systems, unique factions, etc --> Detailed and fleshed out npcs with their own lives and stories for you to explore (or ignore if you see fit!) --> Strong RP skills, my favorite sessions are often the ones where emotional and intense rp happens, I encourage my players to engage with each other and with npcs this way. --> A world that functions outside of the party (as in there are things constantly happening even when you're not around/engaged in a certain plot piece) but also responds to your choices --> Flexibility, I improvise a lot during my sessions and I've found that as long as we have an end goal and I know my world/story goals inside and out I can go from there, this leaves plenty of room for me to work YOUR ideas and your character's goals into the main plot!

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