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Roope Litmanen

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Highly rated for: Inclusive, World Builder, Visual Aid

About me

TL:DR - Nerdy theatre kid running wacky Star Wars (and DnD) adventures on the Foundry VTT platform. I've been playing TTRPGs on and off for about 10 years now, both DMing and playing through that time. For me, TTRPGs have always been about the expression of characters first and the mechanics second, but I've also come to realize that mechanics in the form of encounters are required to truly let characters show who they are. So, if you're looking to have games where you get to explore your character deeply while having fun, I might be the DM you're looking for. In my games, I try to keep the game in a good balance of light-hearted fun and more serious roleplay/themes. To best support that, I try to give my players the freedom to choose their paths, being more than willing to scrap storylines and encounters if the characters turn their direction. This at times creates extremely random and surprising situations to consider, but hey, that's the edge TTRPGs have over videogames. Recently, I've been running the Star Wars adventure system Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny/Genesys by Fantasy Flight Games, and have really gotten into the game. My rather extensive lore knowledge allows me to easily switch directions and to fill-in bits and pieces that I simply didn't know to prep for in the games. I am familiar with running DnD 5e games as well, but haven't ran campaigns in that system in a while, so picking that back up might take a session or two.

GM style

Having been in various theatre groups and productions for 13 or so years, I've picked up a few things about character creation and voice acting. This naturally can be seen in my games as I try to bring each character to life with different voices/accents/mannerisms. Roleplay therefore is always a sizeable part of my games. On the other-hand, I do enjoy a good war game of tactics and challenge, so creation of fulfilling encounters is important to me as well. At the end of the day, be it a social encounter of maneuvering the politics of a nation, planning and executing a heist or taking down the BBEG, I want every accomplishment to feel earned.

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