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Hi! At least we meet for the first time for the last time! Hola!, Esta es la última vez que nos vemos por primera vez! (Mensaje para mis jugadores hispanohablantes: En este perfil se habla español, pero por razones de espacio, toda la información estará en inglés, mándame un mensajito si tienes cualquier duda!) I started playing TTRPGs at 14 (I've been playing for 24 years now, what a ride!) when I found Laberinto (a game designed and printed in my hometown) at my local CBS, it was a simple 6d system that left me hungry for more, so I started devouring corebooks and running games for my group of friends, making lots of new ones in the process. I've played a lot of systems (I still have recurring nightmares about THAC0...) and I strongly believe every game has something to offer. I've found my home at dnd (3.5e/5e) and the WoD/CoD, though I still like to wander a bit when a new system looks cool! (have you checked out Wilderfeast!?, it looks INSANELY FUN) I love creating atmospheric experiences where everyone at the table shares the spotlight and the player's characters backstories, goals and fears all intertwine into the bigger picture and never fall into the background, it's YOUR story after all!, and it's gonna be LEGENDARY!

GM style

Action!, Exploration!, Drama!, Mystery! These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect gaming experience, but the DM accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... A damn good soundtrack! Yeah I might be a little silly, but it's only because I take having fun seriously! My professional background as a teacher has enriched my GM toolkit (and it goes the other way too!) very organically as I've come to understand a bit more about managing motivation and engagement and applying the four C's (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity/imagination and communication) to my tables. As a neurodivergent player myself, I've come to find the structure and inherent imaginative and collaborative nature of TTRPGs welcoming and fascinating. Some of the people I've played with?... well, not so much... That's why I strive to create an accepting and safe space for the neurodivergent and the LGBTQIA+ player, we will be talking boundaries and safety! I love horror and dark fantasy as a way to explore the human experience as much as the hopepunk epic about the local farmboy becoming the greatest hero the land has seen; let's talk about your character and the kind of adventures he's gonna have, their relationships, goals and hopes, fears and weaknesses, and the hardships they will overcome, and let's set the stage for them!... ...oh yeah... I can be a little bit enthusiastic and kinda cheesy at times...hope you don't mind! What you get: *A game customized to your needs and style of play *A small, focused group (up to 5 players) so that every player has their fair time under the spotlight (unless you don't want to?, IDK!?) *A consistent schedule, time is the most valuable resource we have! *A discord channel dedicated to your group so we can share info, chat and roleplay (very useful for flashback or intimate RP sessions!, *Optional homebrew expansions (foraging, downtime, crafting...) *Google docs folder for visual aids, campaign notes and references. *A curated playlist for the campaign via spotify. (yes, we will be talking character themes here :D) *Currently working on offering private wikis via Notion, is this something you'd like?, let me know! *Multiple play styles available: -Homebrew open-world sandbox game -Official and unofficial supplements (ofc this includes genderbent Curse of strahd), consult for a list! -Linear tight-scripted adventures -Monster of the week with an overarching narrative -Dungeon Crawling Focused -Training Sessions What I expect of my players: *Showing up on time and ready (or letting me know in advance) *Cooperation with other players (you can play whatever you want if you can make it make sense tho!) *Be polite, compassionate and kind to your fellow players (our characters might be monsters, but we are not) *No real life politics *Communication!, do let me know (privately if you need to) about any issues in or out of character that are interfering with your enjoyment of the game. Let's workshop a solution together! *Sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and racism will never be narrative-condoned, of course they exist in the world of the game, and they should be perceived as evils to be fought. *Mental health is a priority so we will be using tools like X-N-O cards, Lines and Veils, Luxton Technique, Script Change Ratings Open Door and Breaks, as well as Aftercare, debriefing and stars and wishes if the session requires so. DON'T WORRY IF YOU'RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH ANY OF THESE, I'll be extremely glad to help you familiarize yourself with this safety tools so that every player at the table feels safe and heard! *Absolute openness to anything you want to workshop together to make the game more enjoyable for your group, this is YOUR adventure! Let's roll!

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