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About me

Hello! I'm Jordan, I am (obviously) a big ol' nerd who LOVES running games for folk of all experience levels, ages and identities! I am Non Binary (They/Them pronouns) and want to be a cool, safe place for all other folk to come and play. I'm stoked about the way the nerd community is growing, becoming a more open, equitable and inclusive space for all of us, Human, Goblin, Elf or whatever the heck I am, and truly I'm excited to play a part in that growth. Nothing beats being a part of this community and welcoming other people to it. I spend a lot of my time making maps, characters and storylines, or at my "day job" making coffee for all the weirdos of Portland Oregon, but I take any excuse I can to jump in a river or the ocean, explore the woods, and just generally pack some adventure into my life. I've been Larping for 15 years now, playing an assortment of characters and creatures that go bump in the night. Skeletons shambling around in the tree line, Elven warriors coolly skeptical of the players intentions, swindlers, and on one occasion, a judgmental alien emissary. NPCing at Larps is a huge passion of mine, and taking the step into running DnD games ten years ago was an obvious and easy transition. Since then, I've run countless sessions, dozens of campaigns, and a variety of rulesets. This medium of story telling is a home to me at this point, and I'd love to host you, so if you are a veteran player, or a newbie, TTRPG curious or already wildly passionate, looking for group or bringing friends, I'd love to hear from you! Don't wait, call now!

GM style

I'm typically a roleplay forward, exploratory game runner, and always want to encourage folk that can, to engage in meaningful ways with the world and its inhabitants, including each other! Some of my favorite games have been dungeon crawls though, a haunted house sticks out as one of the best arcs I've ever run, and i certainly enjoy getting the dice rolling! I focus on escapism when i run my games, and so I don't play with common traumas, and always want to make sure players are safe and comfy at my table too, which means leaving the door open to anyone who needs something about the game to change. Voice acting is a skill i have, but also one i want to grow, so expect every character to have their own voice, and forgive me if sometimes my guards and common folk start to bleed together a bit. I am non binary, and my games often include queer characters of all walks, so if the lgbtq world is foreign to you, come with an open mind and a kind heart, and all will be well!


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