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About me

I believe in collaborative storytelling. I love creating a world for characters to explore and playing the NPCs who they will interact with (and often adopt into their party). I believe in the "Rule of Cool" and favor the enjoyment of players and advancement of the story over the rules. I believe that roleplaying games are meant to be fun for everyone involved and ultimately there is no winner. I am intrigued by tales of horror and suspense, the slow crawling psychological terror that comes from the shadows. My experience: I have been playing tabletop roleplaying games since I was nine years old. In those 31 years, I have been a player of several different systems: Dungeon World, Deadlands, Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Powered by the Apocalypse, Pathfinder and Vampire: The Masquerade. I was a LARPer and a registered member of the Camarilla of Canada for over five years. I have run two successful mIRC Vampire: The Masquerade channels, each lasting 3+ years. Most recently, I ran two Curse of Strahd campaigns over Roll20 during the pandemic and have begun a Beyond the Witchlight campaign with some of those same players. I have my MA in Clinical Counselling and am a working therapist. I wrote my thesis on how tabletop gaming can be used therapeutically.

GM style

Storytelling in a collaborative setting is and will always be the most important thing at my table. While I have a world and adventure in mind, I believe that choices made by characters can and should change it. Expect atmosphere. I enjoy using art and music to help tell the story and set the mood. I like to describe using all of the senses whether it's in a horror or fantasy setting. I'm often complimented for my NPCs - that they are diverse and complex and more times than not, they're interested in adopting them into the party. I have also gotten feedback that they also would like to see NPCs featured across different campaigns because they enjoyed them so much. Roles are secondary. I appreciate the rule of cool - if someone has something interesting or unexpected they want to do, why not let them try?

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