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About me

Hiya there! I'm Gaynor (they/them), a trans queer GM trying to take the world of tabletop role playing games by the horns. I dived deep into gaming in my youth, finding it to be the perfect tool to make friends, discover identities, and just have a great time. I also found ttrpg spaces to be a great space for folks to explore identity and morality, and I work hard to tear down the patriarchal, cishetnormative, white supremacist structures baked into the world of tabletop gaming where I can, allowing for a more honest and open gaming space. I lean hard into the storytelling aspects of ttrpgs, focusing on story arcs and structures that emphasize the personalities, histories, and choices of PCs and their players, and I play fast and loose with rules, dropping them when they restrict play and only enforcing them to clarify complex situations. I love fun campaigns filled with friendly folks just trying to have a good time, and I hope you can be a part of my next adventure!

GM style

Coming from a background of acting and storytelling, I take particular joy in the roleplaying aspect of ttrpgs, always preferring to make space for my PCs to speak out and tell their character's story, and the collective story of the party, in their own words whenever possible. I'm a sucker for a profession of love to a favorite NPC, a monologue of pain to a untrustworthy parent, or a grand speech of freedom to the scared citizens of a tyrannical government. I prefer immersive theatre of the mind, I find maps and minis to be helpful for combat when the combat is confusing, but I find simple, intense combat to preferable to a complex and confusing tactical battle. I believe in the GM role as one of facilitation, and prefer to collaborate and follow my player's lead in storytelling and themes. My stories, in conjunction with this, tend to focus on themes of family, morality, and the power of many triumphing over the power of the few. But don't mistake me for too serious a GM: I'm more likely to make an NPC into a cheese-themed genie with a silly voice and an air elemental boyfriend than I am a gruff barkeep with a dark secret. Just know that even the silliest of my NPCs, in the words of one of my players, "are worth dying for literally any day of the week."


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