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About me

Hey all! I'm Jason/Gawd Mode and I've been a successful DM for nearly 10 years. Expect great care in terms of session prep from my end, along with various visual usage via the Roll20 platform. I care deeply about my players experience and story in the worlds we play in and do my best to weave them into the narrative. To this end expect some customization for each adventure with stories and plots that aren't found in the officially published material. I'm happy to assist players in developing backstories and plot seeds for their characters over the course of a campaign. My approach is to ensure a truly unique experience for everyone involved! A lot of my content can be found over at my Twitch page if you're looking to see the type of DM style I run. I work to ensure that every session you play with me is something fun and memorable, a story that can be shared years down the road with laughter and fondness. I would love to one day turn this into my professional career with your help. Lets create epic tales together! Want to see how I run/DM games? Take a look at a snippet of gameplay from the last GaryCon Live:

GM style

SESSION BREAKDOWN: Sessions will average around 3 hours. I don't typically break during them, so feel free to hit the restroom or grab drinks/snacks whenever needed. Sessions typically shift between lore/rp and combat. If we begin to lean too heavily on one, expect for more of the other during the next session or so to keep things fresh! I've spent way too much in Roll20's marketplace, so expect beautiful maps and areas to help visualize the fantasy adventure. We also make use of awesome music/ambient sounds! For most campaigns, a minimum of 3 players is required to start a Session 0. This helps ensure we kick things off with a good group dynamic and consistency. If 2 or more players are absent during a session, I will double check with those who are able to make it to assess whether or not we should run that session or hold off until the following week. DM STYLE: My GM style is a balanced mix of the three pillars of D&D: exploration, social interaction and combat. Once I feel out a particular group I do my best to lean into whatever pillar the players seem to prefer. I'm pretty laid back rules-wise, but will usually stick to the Rules As Written when situations pop up to save time. I allow any official race/class for any of the games I run to allow players to explore whatever characters they would like to create. Homebrew options are a possibility provided we discuss it beforehand. Player character death is a rarity, and you will typically have many red flags as a way to warn characters. I tend to add some homebrew options to my games to tweak the experience slightly, these can be seen in any of my session details. I love to get to know my players, so don't be afraid to shoot me a message via Discord or any other social if you ever want to chat about your character or any of our games! ATTENDANCE POLICY: We're all adults who have adult lives, so the unexpected is bound to happen. If you believe you may be late or miss a session, please try to communicate that with me asap. You will never be charged for a session you did not attend, but please understand that it makes my job a whole lot easier when given ample time to know who may not be able to make it for a session. Beyond the first month, if your attendance starts to drop below 75%, I'll reach out so we can discuss your situation. If we can't find a solution or the situation cannot be resolved, I hold the right to excuse you from the game until you are able to become more consistent. This does not mean I will always automatically do so, just be warned that if necessary, it may happen. ONLINE TOOLS: Basic experience with the below is heavily suggested, though not required. 🎲 DnDBeyond for PC sheets, this lets us easily reference your sheet if out for a session. (Beyond20 plugin also makes PC rolls effortless) 🎀 Discord for voice/video. Video not required, but seeing faces is always appreciated! Please be mindful of background noise and mute/press to talk when needed. πŸ—ΊοΈ Roll20 VTT for maps/token control. πŸ“ Google Docs that will hold session 0 notes, story recaps, and any additional info needed.


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