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📯📯VACATION UPDATE: The Gaming Peeples will be on vacation and unable to host any games, nor respond to any messages from Sunday 30/06/24 till Sunday 07/07/24 - back in the office on Monday 08/07/24.📯📯 Have look below or contact us via Startplaying Games or via the Gaming Peeples Discord channel. GM Tom - 41y-He/Him🍟 Greetings and Salutations, I'm Tom from the sunny country of Belgium (Antwerp) where I live with my girlfriend and our 2 cats Louis & Minnie. Besides living a 'normal life', I'm a GM with a passion for more than 26 years of non stop Gamemastering. I love playing in Sandbox orginal content campaign games, filling the world with intresting NPC's, their unique and silly voices, but also a talent for improv storytelling. In 2021 during the Pandemic, I landed in a burnout, due to my work taking over my life. Running over 60 to 70 hours per week for a job with no benefits nor any thanks given. So I decided that in May 2022, that all would change and I would build upon my passion for storytelling. This with my own brand The Gaming Peeples. My Timezone is CET/CEST (Brussel-Europe). Join the Gaming Peeples Discord ✅IMPORTANT, we at The Gaming Peeples, have a cut off time of 72h before any established campaign game launches. This time is needed to have an onboarding with the new player, to help guide them into the game and The Gaming Peeples community. IF this onboarding ican't be completed 72h before game launch, the new player won't be able to join their chosen game, until the onboarding is completed.✅

GM style

📖LEARN TO PLAY📖 Always love to teach people new systems, stories & games. Lucky we have Patience abundent and willing to help with any problems you have to navigate this incredable expierence. 🍜VARIETY GM🍕 Our kick lies in running a multitude of systems and stories. Ranging from 🧙Gothic Fantasy 🧙‍♀️to ⛓️Cyberpunk⛓️ to the Far reaches of 🚀 Space🚀 and 🌌Beyond🌌. 🫶ROLEPLAY OVER ROLLPLAY🫶 We love to see people play their character and see them and the character evolve over time without the need of rolling. As such we highly encourage players to talk, interact with eachother and the NPC's of the world around them. See the changes of their actions and live within them. 💚SAFETY💜 Everyone at the table should be able to be themselves with mutual respect and love for those around them.🚦 This is the most important rule at the Gaming Peeples, please don't break it. 🚦 To help facilitate this, we use a variety of safety tools, be sure to check the individual game description and the discord on the complete list. 🌟 PREFERENCE🌍 Original content Sandbox Campaigns with player roleplay & interaction are our favoured types of games. In order to do this we encourage the players to invest in their characters & the NPC's they encounter. ⛈ CAUSE & EFFECT 🌈 You as a player will interact in this world, EVERYTHING YOU DO MATTERS. ⚔ COMBAT ⚔ Strap yourself in. NOT EVERY FIGHT will be easy to overcome nor 'fair'. 🧛‍♀️ NPC's 🕵️‍♂️ We come up with intriguing and sometimes downright silly NPC's and Villans. Who we bring to life with voices and their own way of standing in the world. 📚 RULES & RULE OF COOL📘 While we use RAI (Rules as Intended), the story and enjoyment of the players always comes first. As such we prefer a balanced approach to the Rules. So if it's COOL, go for it and we'll let the dice gods decide. The games we provide can be in Dutch & English on Foundry and home games (in Belgium ). Now you know a lot about our GM style. Should you like more information, you can send a message via the Gaming Peeples Discord. So join us at our table, for it's time to tell a Tale📖 and roll Dice🎲. 🫶❤️Shout Out to all the Patreons/Artists we love and continue to support. Without them, we couldn't deliver such phenomenal content.❤️🫶 Updated 02/06/2024 🎨Dreams🎨 - for his incredible art/graphic work plus being an awesome dragon 🎵Michaël Ghelfi Studios🎵 - 🎵Tabletop Audio🎵 - 🗺️Beneos Battlemaps🗺️ - 🗺️Cze and Peku🗺️ - 🗺️Dungeon Mapster🗺️ - 🗺️Afternoon Maps🗺️ - 🗺️Tactical Master🗺️- 🗺️Tom Caros🗺️- 🗺️The Reclusive Cartographer🗺️- 🗺️ Morvold Press🗺️- 🗺️Domille's Wondrous Works🗺️- 🗺️ ZenMaps🗺️ - 🖼️ CzePeku Scenes🖼️- 🖼️ James’ RPG art 🖼️- 🖼️Paper Forge🖼️ 🛍️The Griffon's Saddlebag🛍️ ( ⚙️MrPrimate⚙️ - ⚙️Moulinette⚙️ - ⚙️Message Scheduler⚙️ - ⚙️theRipper93⚙️ -

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