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About me

Hi! I've been Gming ttrpgs for 28 years now, and I love it. I enjoy building open map worlds that shift and change around the players; where you can go anywhere and adventure is just around the corner. I really enjoy helping build backstories; weaving them into the game. As a GM I truly believe that the table top is about bringing the player's story to life, and making that happen is my favorite part of ttrpg. I put a lot of hours into building my games, and I'm proud of the vivid scenes, and atmospheric music I use to accompany my imaginative describing. I like to make as immersive a session as I possibly can. I bring a variety of potential systems and stories. I play Pathfinder 2e, D&D 5e, Vaesan, Apocalypse Keys, Masks, Cyberpunk, Valor, Vampire the Masquerade, Fabula Ultima, Hellboy, and Dark Souls. If you're interested in any of these systems send me a PM and we can set up a game.

GM style

I love open map worlds that evolve as time and play move on. I love roleplay, dungeon delving, solving mysteries, pirates, magic, and morally grey decisions. I strive for all of my sessions to appeal to wide range of players keeping in mind that some like role play, some puzzles, and some combat, and I try to have a little of each in every session. I'm a rule of cool GM that thinks we're all here to have fun and it's a game so we shouldn't take it too seriously, but we are here to play so let's tell the best story we can.


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