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Jim "GameKnight"
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Highly rated for: Creativity, Teacher, Storytelling

About me

Looking to make some quality friends? Looking for new experiences and opportunities? Looking for deep immersion and escape? My games provide for many things. The biggest of them is to bring together quality people who can build lasting friendships with each other. They also help you learn new things, new game systems and styles of play. They are also meant to create an immersive escape from the rest of the week where you can truly become someone else...a heroic character of legend! I started running games in the mid-70s, and have developed a fluid and adaptive style. I have learned and taught many game systems, but I have a few favorites I prefer to run (and am finding and experimenting with others all the time). I have hosted many a game table and many a convention and enjoy providing a memorable game experience for everyone. I love seeing friendships grow around my tables, and players really getting into their games. You, too, are welcome at my table. :)

GM style

I like a mix of role-play and action, but not fighting for the sake of a fight. I love puzzles and intrigue as well as the well-place plot twist. My style involves lots of voices, jokes, puns, and plenty of dramatic moments, too. We all here to be entertained, and believe me, when players start having fun, I enjoy it even more! I am not a rules lawyer. If there is a question about the rules, I will make a judgement call and keep the game rolling along. I make a note of it, and look it up later and we discuss it briefly at the start of the next session or in the Discord. The two main rules I follow: 1) The Rule of Awesome - Awesome trumps the written rule, except when just ridiculously out of balance or something. 2) The Rule of Fun - If we aren't having fun, we are missing the point. I love it when players get creative and get into "improv" acting with me. I will reward you any way I can for creative game play (awesomeness!), deep role-playing, and even for blue-booking between game sessions.


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