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About me

I have GMed games for many moons, since before my beard was grey, since before my beard...ok,...since there were 3 little books for D&D. My name is Jim, and I am an RPG-holic. (HI JIM!) Having started running games since the late 70s, I have learned and taught many game systems, but I have a few favorites I prefer to run. I have hosted many a game table and many a convention and enjoy providing a memorable game experience for everyone.

GM style

I like a mix of role-play and action, but not fighting for the sake of a fight. I love puzzles and intrigue as well as the well-place plot twist. My style involved lots of voices, jokes, puns, and plenty of dramatic moments, too. We all here to be entertained, and believe me, when players start having fun, we all enjoy it! I am not a rules lawyer. If there is a question about the rules, I will make a judgement call and keep the game rolling along. I make a note of it, and look it up later and we discuss it briefly at the start of the next session. I love it when players get creative and get into "improv" acting with me. I will reward you any way I can for creative game play (awesomeness!), deep role-playing, and even for blue-booking between game sessions.

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