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About me

My relationship with Fantasy and Science Fiction stories started when I was 7, I have distinct memories of reading the Hobbit with my father, and watching in awe as the Imperial Destroyer crossed the screen of our home television. From that point on I consumed it all with a voracious appetite. My love of stories could not be sated. Then in 2003 a new friend of mine invited me to play a game with him and some friends of his. This is when he introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, and I was hooked. I immediately brought the game to my core group of friends and introduced it to them, the only problem was we didn't have any “special dice” as I called the polyhedral dice or the rule books! So using the d6 from monopoly I crafted something similar to what i remembered and we played our way for years. I moved away from the game during my 20s for a while, choosing instead to invest my time in video game RPGs, Diablo, Elder Scrolls, WoW, Fallout, Zelda, The Witcher, Dark Souls and many more. But something from TTRPGs stuck with me, the need to make decisions as my character, to put myself in their shoes and think their thoughts to craft a story more than what was put before me that everyone else got. Then in 2020, right before The Pandemic another new friend introduced my friend group to D&D 5E. Once again I was hooked and it didn't take long for me to start running games again. Over the course of the last three years, 400+ sessions, a few short stories, and a couple of different game systems, that game world has grown and grown, with history spanning from the dawn of creation, too close to 80k years in our future and across hundreds of Solar systems (all slowly being archived on World Anvil).

GM style

As a GM I consider myself a storyteller and neutral arbiter who builds a world full of different events, and lets the players choose what to get involved in and how they want to go about it rather than introduce a world ending event and expect my players to drop everything for it. ( Though my level 1-20 5E game that has spanned Time and Space has often felt like an Avengers movie). I love to role play and I voice every character and aim to ensure everyone you meet has their own goals and desires and does not simply exist to wait for a player to come by. I also deeply enjoy map making and personally make 99% ( I am currently using Limithrons Carribean map) of the maps I use to ensure that every location is unique and not something that has been used before. With every dungeon carefully crafted to ensure it engages with all primary pillars of gameplay. When it comes to combat I enjoy crafting encounters that force players to think beyond just “hit them till they die '', it is important to look for ways to engage with the environment and use it to your advantage. And finally, my games all take place in the same persistent world, events that transpire in one game could affect the events of another and the clock is always ticking between sessions so depending on how long it's been since you last played you may come back to a drastically changed status quo.

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