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About me

My games generally want to showcase lesser known events in history, as well as show a spotlight on people that haven't had the spotlight on them in the past. I'm a queer GM, and as such a lot of my interest follows telling queer stories, or stories that don't inherently demonize the queer community. That being said it isn't my only focus and a lot of my interest lies in telling a tale for the players at the table, I specialize in fluidity. I want to tell the story that the players want to hear, whether that's political intrigue plots or epic adventures of high fantasy is okay with me.

GM style

I enjoy what my players enjoy, in a nutshell at least. I will make an epic campaign full of intrigue, unique monsters, powerful relics and gods to be slain. That being said, if you want to crawl through a dungeon and have no idea what's going on in the outside world I am down for that as well. At the end of the day, I enjoy what my players enjoy and session 0 should be setting those expectations for what you want to run. I have experience primarily with high fantasy, political intrigue, as well as some sci-fi using starfinder. Don't see something you like, contact me anyway and I may be able to work with you on what you want to see done, like I said, I am a pretty fluid GM and Ill try to make sure my players have as much fun as possible.


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