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About me

Hey there, everyone! I'm Gabriel, or just Gabe for short (he/him). I’ve been a DM for the past decade, guiding friends through realms of fantasy and adventure with just pen, paper, and our collective imaginations. Now, I’m taking a leap into the digital realm as a DM, and I couldn't be more excited about the possibilities this opens up. Broadcasting from Quebec, my English comes with a little French-Canadian flair that I hope you’ll find as charming as I do. With technology by my side, I’m all about creating the most immersive gaming experiences possible. Whether I’m pulling maps from the coolest sources or designing them myself with Dungeon Alchemist, my goal is to bring our adventures to life like never before. And here's where it gets even better—I do all this on Antics & Rolls, my YouTube and Twitch channel. It’s where we can all come together to craft and live out those stories of magic and mayhem. I’m all about making our game sessions feel like a collaborative journey, where everyone’s character gets to shine and grow. So if you're into epic stories, good vibes, and a bit of that Quebec charm, come join me at Antics & Rolls. Let's make our gaming sessions as cozy and welcoming as a tavern where adventurers gather to share their tales.

GM style

Hey there, fellow adventurers and streamers! I've got a knack for bringing FoundryVTT campaigns to life in ways that'll make your jaw drop. Picture this: over 50 hand-picked modules, some of which are so unique they're Patreon exclusives. We're talking everything from spell effects that'll dazzle you to maps with secret levels and stories that unfold as you explore. And yes, those maps move. But what's an adventure without heroes? Your character isn't just moving through the world; they're changing it, growing stronger, and carving out their own legend. Plus, I get creative with Midjourney, crafting art for your heroes, the intriguing NPCs you'll meet, and those oh-so-coveted magic items. Voice acting for NPCs? Got it covered. I may not sound like a cast of thousands, but we'll have a blast with the characters I bring to life. The most important thing? We respect each other, learn together, and have a ton of fun. Roll those dice, and let's get this adventure started! And hey, if you love streaming or watching streams, check out Antics & Rolls on YouTube and Twitch. That's where I'm currently taking players through the whimsical and wild adventures of "Wild Beyond the Witchlight." It's a spectacle of creativity and fun you won't want to miss. I offer a full streaming service for TTRPG games, complete with custom layouts, perfect audio/video capture via OBS, and reactive images that light up with each speaker. It's a fantastic way for followers of popular YouTubers or Twitch streamers to dive into a different kind of content.


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