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Hi, great to meet you! I'm G34RS, also known as Alex, and I'd love to be your DM for a session or many! I've been playing roleplaying games for a very long time and storytelling for even longer, so I can assure you if you come to my table you will come away with many exciting and dynamic tales to tell. I mainly play D&D 5e as that is the game I am most fluent in, though I also tend to play a number of the Powered By The Apocalpyse games when looking for a less combat-heavy session or campaign. I like to put players through their paces, bringing them into tough battles and strange lands where their wit, passion and hope mean more than their stats. I will run a number of pre-made campaigns published by WotC, teach new players or parties the ropes and even introduce players to some of my own creations, be that monsters, magic items, or whole new worlds. Though I am a huge fan of theatre of the mind in my games, combat will mostly be done using battle maps, with campaigns powered by Foundry VTT. I find that Foundry has a number of systems that allow me to elevate the games I run for others, with music, modules, animations and quicker math to ensure that no one gets left behind in the heat of the battle nor the quick back-and-forth of diplomacy. Well, that's all. If any of that appeals to you, I would love to see you sit down at my table for a session! See you all soon!

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