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About me

It took a lot of courage to continue telling (bullshitting really) the story of Postal Pete, but when the party starts questioning NPCs into oblivion sometimes you just have to go for it. The bug bit me hard almost a decade ago and I've never been happier than when I've a story bouncing around my brain waiting to get out. There's no substitute for a fun fantasy romp, but I enjoy a gloomy descent into dark places nearly as much. I do not fear difficult subject matter, but am always careful to approach it with reverence. Politics and philosophy should be engaged in so much as they are relevant to our shared tale: the Fiction is first. I will challenge you to be true to yourself and your compatriots, but only to help forge your character in steel. 'A day may come when the courage of men fails. When we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.' - Fran Walsh

GM style

My favorite moments are the genuine connections we make at the table between the fictional selves we put forward into the world so I'm mainly here to ensure you and everyone else is having fun. I will do my utmost to give each player a chance to shine. My goal is to give you the opportunity to show me the fantastic vision that is in your mind. In service of that I practice inclusivity and communication first which is why ALL of my adventures and even some one-shots will begin with a session 0. I want everyone to be comfortable enough with the group and the rules to share themselves and fully participate in the cooperative roleplay experience. I have an open door policy with Discord and welcome any and all questions. I do a lot of prep for virtual sessions. there will be custom made maps, filler art splash screens, custom tokens, and even music when I have time. For in person I have a custom table with plexiglass overlay, battle mats and minis if needed and I make use of both light and sound effects/music. I do as many voices as I can manage and always strive to stay authentically in character, but nobody's perfect and sometimes I'll break for 4th wall humor (but only if it's REALLY good). I don't focus overly much on war games or strategy, but have planned challenging encounters in my time. If you are the type of player that looks around the room for ways to turn an encounter to your advantage then I'm likely the right DM for you. I generally do three things well: Mystery/Thriller Plots - I love locked rooms and insight checks. Nuance is my forte. Role Play - The NPCs are deep, but there won't be too many of them. I do several different voices and am always working on more. Unconventional Combat - I rarely if ever use bog standard random encounters. Every room is unique (even the ones I make up on the fly) and there will usually be alternative solutions to combat if that is desired.

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