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Hey folks, I am Chris and I have a gaming problem - I just love playing games! I started my first RPG more than 35 years ago, and I am still going strong: Due to the pandemic, I spent a lot of 2020 gaming via Roll20, GM'ing more than a hundred sessions in 10+ campaigns! My longest running campaign hit 20 years in 2019, but I also play a lot of one-shots and shorter campaigns. More info: Away from the table, I am a bestselling author writing mostly fantasy and historical novels. More info:

GM style

Absolutely depends on the system. Overall, lots of roleplay and creative moments, while keeping the rules in mind. I always adapt one-shots and campaigns to the PCs, weaving in backgrounds and motivations, creating a truly immersive collaborative story. If I play an official adventure, it will always be adapted to the group. Sometimes I like it rules-heavy and tactical, at others it is all about the story. Mostly, it is a mix. I am comfortable trying new games/systems - I have played dozens - and am always interested in new styles and ideas. Over the years, I have GM'ed for dozens of new players, even more experienced ones, and I believe I can bring all that experience to our game. I am always open to trying new games and systems. If you want to try something, just ask. The list below is just a couple of game systems that I GM'ed in the last few years. As a professional author, it is a point of pride to provide the full creative experience including write-ups of your adventures worthy of your deeds ... and failures!


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