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About me

You see a lonely figure sitting in a dark corner of the tavern, a large dark blue hood conceals his face but as he lifts the pint to take a sip of beer you glimpse a chin covered in black beard. He seems to notice you as well, and with a smug grin on his face he removes the hood and gestures to approach him. He speaks with a welcoming but sure voice and a "slight" Italian accent: "You are adventurers, aren't you? You look capable of looking after yourselves and I might have a job just right for you." As you walk towards his table he gestures the four seats in front of him as he continues:" If you are looking for adventure, glory and thrill you've come to the right place...But be warned! I like to DM like a martial artist: well prepared but ready to think on my feet..." "See that waitress over there?" You turn in the direction he is pointing to. "Now she has a name and a backstory. Brumilda was paid to poison your drinks to expunge an old debt his gambling-addict father owed to some unsavory people." 'What are you going to do? Sips more beer "You have 3 rounds to talk about it before she comes over with your drinks, but be careful. People are listening"

GM style

My DMing style is: be prepared, but think on your feet. I have many years of experience and love when players find creative ways to outsmart me! I'm very much into roleplay and crunchy (but not too much) systems. I'm going to be the director of your story but also the referee, and I don't shy away from feedback nor to talk with the players about expectation and proper behaviors at the table. I constantly keep my self up to date with tips and tricks, practice voice acting and collect online tools and PDFs to improve the over all experience that I give to my players.

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