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Diego is a professional actor with extensive experience in Shakespeare, improvisation, and voice over work with a fascination for the storytelling potential of tabletop roleplaying games. Diego has facilitated games for clients all over the world, including Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada. If you’re looking for a taste of Diego’s playstyle, check out the Dungeon Busters podcast available now wherever you get your podcasts. Visit for more.

GM style

Forever DM games emphasize collaboration, dynamic combat, and immersive worldbuilding to create memories that you and your party will treasure for eons to come. While different sessions require different approaches, Forever DM games tend to have these themes in common: Player Choice - Follow the breadcrumbs to the dragon's lair or decide to ditch it all in favor of a city adventure! Player agency is a core part of the Forever DM philosophy. Internal Continuity - The living homebrew world of Noemtloc exists around your adventures. Set events into motion and feel the ripples come back as waves. Epic - Sometimes the journey is the destination. Rather than appearing in front of the dungeon, expect to relish in the adventure on the way to the adventure.

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