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About me

Diego is a professional actor with extensive experience in Shakespeare, improvisation, and voice over work with a fascination for the storytelling potential of tabletop roleplaying games. Diego has facilitated games for clients all over the world, including Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada. For a glimpse into Diego's unique playstyle, adventurers can tune in to the Dungeon Busters podcast, of which Diego is the co-host and Dungeon Master. Whether you're an experienced campaigner or a newcomer to the realm of tabletop roleplaying, Diego welcomes you to explore the boundless possibilities of collaborative play and shared storytelling. Discover more about the enchanting worlds Diego weaves, the quests that await, and how you can be part of these unforgettable narratives at

GM style

Diego's game style centers on collaboration, dynamic combat, and immersive worldbuilding, crafting unforgettable memories for you and your party to cherish for eons. While each session may require different approaches, certain themes remain consistent in Forever DM games: Player Choice: Embrace the freedom to shape your destiny. Follow the breadcrumbs to the dragon's lair or opt for a city adventure. Player agency is at the heart of the Forever DM philosophy. Internal Continuity: Step into the living, breathing world of Noemtloc, where your adventures leave lasting impacts. Set events into motion and witness the ripples of your actions reverberate like waves. Epic Journeys: The path to greatness is filled with adventures within adventures. Prepare to relish in the excitement of the journey itself, where the thrill lies not only in reaching the destination but in the experiences along the way. Together, we'll create a realm of boundless possibilities, where your decisions shape the course of destiny and your experiences transcend the tabletop. So, are you ready to embark on a journey that will become a legendary tale for generations to come?

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