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About me

Hey There! Feel free to call me Tyler or Fool whichever suits you & nice to meet cha! I have been playing TTRPGs using theatre of the mind since I was 8, skip ahead 12 years and a lot of minis later I decided to start DMing. Now I've been running games and loving seeing just how creative you players can get. I've had a blast making streams of "Remnants of Keldara." a Pathfinder to 5e campaign that has literally gone to hell & back with characters spanning multiple generations. I’m working on my own system called "Law & Honor Spirits & Curses Unit" that I stream on twitch - it’s a supernatural setting where SEAT protects the remaining mortals of humanity safe within huge bio dome cities from the demons & oddities that ravage the wastelands outside city limits. I keep adding new TTRPG systems into this noggin of mine & I don't plan on stopping anytime soon so feel free to suggest any system! I love running games for newcomers & vets alike & don't mind taking the time to teach those who want to learn a new system or trying out a wild concept within the many TTRPG worlds. No matter if you require a relaxing adventure after a long day of work or you wish to delve deep into the pits hunting for the biggest kill - I got you covered, If you are looking for a Drop in & out kind of game, you got it - or a Multi Arc campaign full of twists and intrigue? Well I got you there as well friend.

GM style

My style tends to focus on Improv & running a living breathing world for my players. Aiming more towards rules lite & “yes but” take on DMing Ultimately I like to be flexible so we can create the best of worlds!


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