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About me

Hello there! I'm Karl and I love telling stories. Role-playing games just happens to be my preferred medium for doing so. I run games via Roll20 and do my best to use all the tools it provides: music, dynamic lighting, automation, etc. I have been playing and running TTRPGs since the 1980s. My current favorites are D&D 5e, Shadowdark RPG, Edge of the Empire, and Numenera. I play in existing worlds as well as homebrew. I am delighted to introduce people to these systems and share in the storytelling these games can offer. New players are more than welcome! I strive to give players a memorable experience with fun NPCs to interact with, exciting locales to explore and terrible villains to defeat. I often provide room in the story for character interaction and growth while still keeping the plot moving forward. More than anything, I want my games to be fun, imaginative and memorable. Safety and inclusion are also important. RPG safety tools are always in effect in my games. I want anyone who chooses to be a part of the game to feel secure so they can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Role-playing is a shared experience, so as long as you can be respectful and considerate of your fellow players - you are welcome at my table!

GM style

I run games with a solid mix of role-playing, exploration and combat. I run published adventures and modules but often tweak them to fit the group's playstyle. I also love crafting stories of my own, and collaborating with players to make the story unique. I like to give characters room to breathe, time to interact and role-play among themselves. I make my NPCs interesting and memorable - fun to talk to. I "do the voices" - sometimes they're good, sometimes they aren't, but laughing at me is part of the game. I expose you to the sights and sounds of the world around you and take you to fantastic locales. I make combat exciting, fast paced, tactical and challenging. I like to celebrate player victories. First and foremost, I strive to ensure everyone has fun playing the game! What you get with me as a DM: -- New player friendly -- LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive -- Safe and relaxed atmosphere -- Games tailored to group's preferences and style -- Fun and complex stories and encounters -- Silly and serious moments -- Interesting characters, exciting combat, fantastic locales -- Reliable and always prepared and on schedule -- Audio/Video through Discord with private channel for each game -- Roll20 Pro and rich compendium of character options -- Background Music through Syrinscape Online Lets roll dice together! I am available to run games for your group! I am available to run any WotC hardback campaign (Princes of the Apocalypse, Storm King's Thunder, etc), The Ruins of Grendleroot (SlyFlourish), The Scarlet Citadel (Kobold Press) and more! I also love running the Shadowdark RPG and Monte Cook's Numenera! Want something wholly original? We can collaborate and build a home-brew campaign just for your group! Just ask and we can find a game and time slot that works for you!


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