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Stephen Fleetwood
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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Knows the Rules

About me

Hello! My name is Stephen Fleetwood. I love to run games and have spent my whole life loving running games. I have run games for friends and strangers, at clubs and conventions. I have run games I have written, games I have published, and other people's games. I tend these days to love running theatre of the mind games, with smaller systems, where I can invite players to a unique experience. I want to run you a game where you have epic encounters and cunning mysteries and get to see worlds you might never have seen elsewhere. I believe in games where the characters are central to the plot and the world and tend to run games where the characters are significant players and influencers in the fate of the setting. I am a partly improvisational gm, and never run from pre-published encounters. One of my great joys in gaming is my players taking a random tangent and running with it. Keeping up with them and giving the places they go satisfying, interesting, and awesome conclusions is what makes me happy when running games. I love safety techniques and will include them in any game I run.

GM style

I love to run games that put the characters front and center. I like to make the characters consequential and important parts of the worlds of the games I run and put them in situations to change the world and be big damned heroes. I tend towards a more improvisational GM style, so there will be no railroads for the players in my games. Instead, I like to offer a wide-open world where the players can choose routes towards their eventual goals. it is then up to me to make sure that the route is interesting, fulfilling, and awesome! I like investigation, roleplay, and combat to be all mixed in my games, with a focus on making every scene as memorable and interesting as possible. In one-offs and short games, I like to focus as much as possible on the important, exciting scenes and use flashbacks and assumptions of competence to cover the background things.


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