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Hail travelers. I appreciate your patronage, and hope to guide you through a truly unique social experience. Role Playing Games are a distinctly unique hobby, made beautiful by the agency each player has in their own corner of the game. I will run a game for you in ANY theme and ANY setting. Weird west anarcho-capitalist horror? Done that. Jazzy industrial revolution dungeon punk? Done that too. Cut and dry medieval fantasy europe? Ill grab my robe and wizard hat. Anything your mind can imagine. Or if you prefer, I'll take you on a journey in any continent of my personal setting that sounds wondrous to you. I try to encourage this agency in every aspect of my game mastering. As a player at my table you can expect opportunities for bold and creative player action, rich personal backstories, and a world that feels truly limitless in scope. Your characters will not only be able to interact with a wondrous fantasy mindscape, but truly become figures within it. I host games that use a variety of tools to enhance immersion. Foundry VTT is used as our virtual tabletop, while communications and between session discussion happens over discord. The system is D&D 5e, and I have all published material available for player reference through DnDBeyond. Each session will be rich with unique battlemaps, music and ambient sounds, dynamic NPCs who react to player actions with intelligence and variety, and weekly dramatic session recaps made available as a library of reference. I look forward to see what heroics you will get up to.

GM style

1. A world rich with unqiue cultures, faiths, and magic systems. 2. High levels of player agency. 3. Lots of resources: Art, maps, documents, recaps, music, etc. 4. Variant modes of play (crafting, exploration, investigation stealth, etc).

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