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About me

Greetings! If you're looking for someone that has: - 20+ years of tabletop gaming experience - Intricate worldbuilding and intrigue informed by academic experience in political science, sociology, and philosophy - Published weird fiction and indie game projects - Focus on player-led decisions that have impact on the campaign world - No fear of letting the dice fall where they may ....then I'm your guy! Join my campaigns for experiences brimming with fleshed-out locales, memorable and complex antagonists, and homebrew and houserule tweaks that improve on the by-the-book status quo

GM style

What to expect at my table: - Rule 0: Don't be a jerk - Experience isn't needed. We were all new once, and it is a joy to introduce new people to the TTRPG hobby! - Session 0 matters. - Your characters matter, but they aren't important (at first). It's on you to make names and reputations for yourselves - When swords are drawn, it's serious business - Talking to potential foes or otherwise avoiding combat is an equally heroic way to achieve your goals - I'm here to facilitate your story, not to tell or steer my own - Rules as intended over rules as written


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