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About me

I fully believe that TTRPG’s are all about communal storytelling and having a fun time. I run games under the banner of, “rule of cool,” and if you can think of it, I will certainly let you try. I encourage my players to explore and interact with the NPC’s and local areas of the game world. I always do my best to give life to my NPC’s and BBEG’s, including inflective voices and occasionally, terrible accents. In my games, I view RAW as more of a set of guidelines and I try to immerse my players in the world and create an unforgettable experience for you. I am just starting out and plan to run a module, and possibly expanding into campaigns in Exandria and my personal homebrew settings. I’m always looking to introduce new players into the hobby and get them to join the adventure. So, who’s ready to roll initiative?

GM style

I love bringing my NPC's and BBEG's to life for my players, doing voices and accents where necessary. I'm able to keep combat moving and let my players explore the world. I try to strike a balance between combat and roleplay in my games. I do direct my players to the plot points in the game, but don't try to railroad players into, "one solution," situations. While I will use theater of the mind, I do use a lot of maps and tokens on Roll20. I have been DMing for a long time and am open to playing with new players and veteran players alike.

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