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About me

My name is Askren, and I'm a Dungeon Master! From multi-year home gaming with friends, to livestreaming to thousands online, I've been across the country running games, speaking on panels, and hosting conversations with some of the biggest names in the industry to share DM advice and love for games, I've seen a lot of dice in my day. And so, I'm offering all of that experience to you to enjoy! As a game master, I love theatrics, well-paced sessions the keep players on their toes, and vivid artistic descriptions to spark the imagination. I am most at home running gritty, low-fantasy and horror campaigns, but am also a huge fan of vivid collaborative storytelling and silly, simple humor.

GM style

Though things differ from game to game and system to system, my preferred style of GMing is one that prioritizes pacing and energy to keep everyone engaged. As a visual artist by trade, you can always expect scenes to be painted in vivid details with cinematic touches to bring your imagination into the place being described. Sights, smells, sounds, all help to either heighten the drama of a heroic moment, or make the most horrific scene even more tense and terrifying. While not a voice actor by any means, you can always expect distinct, consistent voiced characters that bring NPCs to life, and hopefully make shy or nervous players more comfortable exploring getting into their character if it helps. While I will never ask a player to do a different voice for their character if they don't want to, I strive to always make it a comfortable environment to do so. I love involving players in creating stories and characters, asking questions, digging into specifics, and making players think about things they might not have or seeing stories and characters in a different way. In game, I'll always push players to be more specific, more creative, and more direct, and while not necessarily an iron-clad lawyer for rules, I will always push for more information when it comes to details. Whether combats be intense, tactical brawls with minis and grids (I always use maps and tokens if I can) in a system like D&D or Pathfinder, or a more cerebral, narrative combat or conflict in a system like Mouse Guard, my priority is always description and detail, making the hits feel harder and the victory feel better, because to me the story is more interesting than just the rolls. You'll find a lot to enjoy at my table, I hope there's something for you!


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