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About me

It all started like any other day, my brother telling me I've gotta try this new thing out. At the time I had no idea it was D&D. I had been told all of the tales from the Satanic Panic by my parents and I was unsure about the game as a whole. My First character, a that guy bard who died rather quickly. His death got me into role play and all of my characters after him have been thought out a lot more. I started GMing after my first campaign And I've grown to love D&D and other TTRPG's. Now I love 5e, it's not perfect but I love it. That being said I will home-brew things to make them work better. 90% of the games I have run are home-brew. I'm not against running a game as written it all depends on what my players want to play.

GM style

I'm a go with the flow GM. I can improvise a boss fight on the spot and pull situations out of the Either. I once improvised an entire campaign without taking notes. The world was made by the players backstories and the actions they took during the game. It was a fun Romp. I'm at my best when running a game that is fun for everyone, I typically try to read the group to come up with scenarios everyone will enjoy. Even if that means throwing Tiamat at them for a dance off. Yes, that has happened. She brought the house down literally. My personal favorite is horror though. I've gotten good at scaring my parties. But I won't spoil any of that as that comes up eventually in every game I run. No matter what can of game you want the choice is yours.

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