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About me

🌈 He/Him Hail Adventurers! I am Euan, an Actor with a Masters Degree in Drama and a raging passion for Tabletop Roleplaying Games. I want to share that passion with you by weaving fantastic tales, and guiding you through your own epic adventures. In the end, you'll walk away with never-to-forget memories and friends that you'll share a unique experience with. A little more to know about me; I love film making, music and gaming. I am a massive Critical Role fan, which has certainly influenced my playstyle. I'm bisexual and Neurodivergent, and feel strongly that D&D is for everyone, and no one should be excluded. What do I Offer? - Long term campaigns, spanning from 6-12 months (perhaps longer). - Shorter, more concsise campaigns from 3-5 months. - One Shot adventures, perfect for new players or those with a night free. - Both Hombrew and Pre-written modules - I also offer services for parties and work events too! Why me? - I have a Bachelors and Masters in Drama, along with a backlog of acting experience, which makes me perfect for those seeking high roleplay experiences. NPCs react honestly, realistically, and are uniquely vocalised. I have also been complimented on my monsterous voices, Undead in particular. - I have plenty of experience running paid games, both online and offline, meaning you're hiring someone whom you can rely on. - I provide a plethora of Official content to use for character creation and beyond. A Comfortable Enviroment - I have a zero tolerance policy for bigorty of any kind, so you can rest assured in a comfortable gaming enviroment. - I use many of the Safety Tools provided.

GM style

At the forefront of my games is YOU! I adapt to the tastes of the group, ensuring a fun and exciting experience! I am a believer that the rules provide a solid foundation for fair play, but I am prone to warping them in situations to give way for memorable moments that highlight characters. As an actor by trade, I am an avid roleplayer and strong with characterisation. I have a Mercer-esque approach to DMing, excelling in roleplay and immersion. All my NPCs and Monsters are fully-voiced and vocalised, from the zombie gargles to the High-Elf Wizard. I love to immerse through sound, combining my real life voice with the use of Syrinscape to bring a mix of sounds to the game. You can expect to be part of excellent improvisation and a chance to explore your character through roleplay you might not find elsewhere. I take this mentality into combat with dynamic enemies and enviroments that work to create unique expereinces, encouraging creativity. I try to keep combat to being meaningful to the game, but sometimes, it's good to allow a chance to try out new abilities or let off steam. Every combat, however, has an optional alternative, and the fallout of a fight is never just an enemy that despawns. These random encounters more often than not, have a chance to expand into story elements we create together. Most of all, I am on YOUR side. I want to see your characters be the centre of an amazing story, no matter how large or small it may be. I'm never out to kill you, simply to challenge you along the way. My philosophy is that TTRPGs are wholly a cooperative story telling experience. These are all things I go over in mandatory Session 0s, whereby we can talk extensively about the game and answer any questions in advance. The Key to a successful game is open communication, something I feel very strongly about in my games. Each session ends with a chance to discuss the contents of the session. Whether you're a new player or someone with a backlog of experience, you'll feel comfortable at my table, and given the chance to play in a way that otherwise might be harder to find.


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