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About me

I’m a creative storyteller, and cooperative storytelling is my favorite, teamork makes dreams work…. I would be honored to tell a narrative that will tickle your fantasy ideas and bring worlds of 5e and some other platforms to life for you through combat, puzzles, and much more. I’ve been playing TTRPGs since ‘86 and have so much lore in my head I’m surprised I can do my day job. I have founded my own discord server on the interweb with a lot of success and my hope it to bring that to you as a player. If you are in NYC I can host at a local gaming cafe’ the possibilities are endless.. My Saturday campaign has been full since session zero, that’s why there is no current advertisement for one on my page, , I hope to start a new one, once I get a bit more free time in my life around the new year 2022… So travelers, until next we meet, may your dice forever roll crits...🙏

GM style

I love it all! Intrigue! Suspense! Betrayal! WAR! I GM 5e of course, and I have pretty much all the modules and can run them if that’s what group consensus is, however I am partial to Forgotten Realms, Eberron, and learning wildemount. Also I GM Genefunk 2090, which is a 5e mechanics based, takes place in our world in 2090, very cyber-bio-punky. I’m also down to experiment with new systems. Huge fan of the underdark and the intricacies of Drow culture and overall society...

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