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Hark, O ye noble denizens of the realms both tangible and ethereal! Attend and hearken to the grand saga of The Nobel Ergo Ironfist, a luminary whose footsteps traverse the very annals of Dungeons & Dragons, commencing with the legendary Chainmail in the bygone days of 1972. Lo, more than four decades past, Ergo took upon the mantle of Dungeon Master, a maestro weaving the tapestry of tabletop sagas, offering not mere campaigns but realms where laughter echoes and camaraderie flourishes. With a steadfast commitment, the call resounds—creating an environment not just of fantasy, but one that is safe and joyous for every gallant soul who treads upon the paths of Ergo's adventures. As the ink of a bard's quill graced the parchment, Ergo, a published author of yore, scribed tales for Chaosium in the early eighties, casting enchantment upon the realm of King Arthur Pendragon. A harbinger of joy, Ergo stood as a guardian of role-playing revelry in the famed RPG conventions of the Bay Area. Behold, the favored realms that Ergo traverses with the might of imagination! Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonquest, Pendragon, and the eldritch landscapes of Call of Cthulhu—all embraced as cherished realms of exploration. In the realm of board games, the master tactician revels in the mysteries of Mansions of Madness and the Return to Dark Tower. Yet, beyond the realms and games, Ergo declares with unwavering resolve, echoing through the ages: "YOU MUST HAVE FUN!!!" Thus speaks the herald, and so it is decreed—an oath of joy that binds every adventurer in Ergo's company. In the grand symphony of tales and quests, Ergo stands as an exemplar, a guardian, and a purveyor of mirth. So, let it be known across the lands that Ergo, the indomitable herald of joy, beckons all to revel in the enchantment of shared narratives, in the laughter echoing through ancient halls, and in the camaraderie that makes every campaign truly legendary!

GM style

I like role-playing, puzzles, and creating a fun experience. I have a few Homebrew rules that will be explained in the game mechanics. I believe the rules are guidelines and I can be fairly loose with my interpretations. I'm more interested in having fun than ruling on things. So basically you don't need to ask if can I do this, just try it and I'll let you know how it works out. Other than some very specific situations I don't count ammunition, spell components, inventory weight for equipment, or other little stuff that really doesn't impact the game.


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