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About me

Hello! I've always had an interest in TTRPGs and a few years ago I got the opportunity to join in. As an actor, an improvisor, and an aspiring writer, I quickly found myself acting as the GM of my group and got experience playing games. I enjoy weaving a story and I prefer to do so in a way that is both improvisational and spontaneous. Pulling at threads that I'm given from the players and weaving something that hopefully everyone can enjoy. I am a strong proponent of the concept of "Yes Let's" in storytelling and I'm more than happy to apply that to my games. While the story of the game may be guided, there will be no railroading in my games, and the best part of any game are when chaos reigns supreme and the players find ways to completely surprise me. I've got experience in a bunch of games including DnD 5e, Pathfinder 2e, Fellowship 2e, Fate Accelerated, Microscope, Dungeon World, and Numenera, with a particular interest in powered by the apocalypse games. I havd also bought and read a number of other game books so I'm quite versatile in what systems I can run. If asked I'm more than happy to try something new. Ultimately I hope to play a game that is fun. Be it the kind of game that can blend comedy and tragedy or the kind of game where everyone finishes off laughing.

GM style

I generally prefer a spontanious and improvisational style. Planning is always necessary but I like to let the game go where it wants to go, and ride the chaos as we get there. I tend to view the rules as a method to facilitate fun. Though I often try to adhere to them I am very loose in my interpretations and have no issues with just going with the flow and seeing what happens when it feels appropriate, or altering them when they seem to be tedious, are slowing down the story, or there's just something that would be more fun to do instead. I do enjoy combat. But mostly as a way to facilitate stories. In less tactical games like fate or PBTA combat can be fast paced and chaotic. Where as more tactical games they will often exist for plot purposes, while emphasis is placed on the roleplaying aspects. I also tend to believe that the players story should be a major part of the game. I try to weave their characters and backstories into the game when I can. Helping them feel like they are part of the world.

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