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About me

I LOVE TTRPGs and more specifically, RUNNING them. I provide highly tailored experiences for each table, meaning my interpretation of the rules is often tailored more towards player fun, and less towards rigidity. I'm liberal with rewards and want each player to truly achieve their fantasy at the table. That being said, I DO run a challenging game, WHATEVER TTRPG I run. I don't fudge dice so player death is sometimes possible, and often may be brutal or swift, given to the whims of the dice. BUT if you want high risk and reward, custom character mechanics, dynamic/thoughtful encounters, scary monsters, gritty combat, and immersive roleplay, then you've found the right table. (I run games for solo players, and groups up to 5 players.)

GM style

TLDR; EPIC COMBATS are my main strong suit, so players looking to experience fun fights want to play HERE! I've run everything from gritty 1v1 fist fights in a dark narrow alley to magic duels done entirely in NAME it. My combats are HARD and THRILLING, but empower the player with more risk and reward options! I'm ALL ABOUT PLAYER FUN. I have over 12 years of game design experience ranging over video games, boards games, sports, ttrpgs, even card game. I simply love games, and I bring all that love and experience to bear here, taking a THOUGHTFUL approach to my games. I pride myself on the ability to hear table feedback and adjust for what players want. Lastly, I focus on how alive/well-thought-out the world feels. This includes realistically roleplaying different NPCs (I may or may not do voices for them), and giving PCs the option of "deep world immersion" (buy a house, start a business, join an organization, practice a profession, or otherwise fully experience the world space).


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