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Princess Pixel - Erika
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Princess Pixel - Erikashe/they

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About me

Lights dim. Curtains draw. Enter stage left. Hello, one and all! My name is Erika, and I'll be your teller of stories and weaver of tales in this creative world of narrative wonder we find ourselves immersed within. I'm a lover of all things fantastical and still a theater kid at heart. The act of sharing in mutual narratives with players has been one of my favorite creative pastimes for the grand majority of my life, and now I hope to bring that creative spark to all of you! My experience has seen me host Escape Rooms, develop video game prototypes, and generally I can't go two minutes without a new idea springing to life! Whether it's making maps and homebrew mechanics, or writing flexible stories around the unique perspectives that players bring, you'll never go a session seeing the same old things. I've been GMing multiple weekly campaigns for multiple years straight now, with plenty more one-shots, side adventures, and other narrative escapades on the side all along the way. But my love of TTRPG and game design goes back as far as I can remember. It's my hope to bring that genuine adoration of the hobby to a table of faces new and old. Whatever works for you is what I'm happy to do! I'm well-proficient in most popular RPG systems, and can pick up the more niche systems in a night or two. All I ask in return is that players bring similar excitement and engagement to the table, so we can all make something amazing together! Aaaand take a bow, exit stage right. Hope to see you in the spotlight soon!

GM style

What I look to encourage most at a table is cooperative creativity! I produce a lot of homebrew settings and options, and love to work with players to adjust rules and features to suit the stories we create together. I enjoy running campaigns that prioritize individual character arcs intertwining, as opposed to plot-centric narrative. My combat lean is generally light-to-medium, but tends to lean more tactical and puzzling than raw damage-on-damage. Creative solutions are always encouraged! I'll often stick to rules-as-intended when it comes to the nuance of systems, but don't be afraid to ask if there's something you want to try! Overall, my settings are settled squarely into abstract-fantasy, with dreamlike descriptions and really emphasizing the *fantastical* aspect of the genre. Worlds and set-dressing will often aim to enhance a particular concept or emotional weight, rather than having strictly grounded realism in mind. As such, I tend to avoid heavily political or overtly event-driven settings. I heavily prefer the use of safety tools to the campaigns at large, as session-to-session can often lead in directions that nobody expects; even me! As such, I like to leave an open line of communication to my players on what they'd like to pursue or avoid. Just talk to me, and we'll figure it out! Open, honest, frank communication will always be best.

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