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I'm a GM who focuses purely on having fun! I enjoy using player character backstory, goals, bonds, and flaws to bolster the stories and battles the party finds themselves dealing with. Of the three major pillars, Roleplaying, Exploration, and Combat, I focus primarily on the ones the players enjoy the most for their campaigns. I currently run D&D 5e, but I've GMed Savage Worlds, Lancer, Tephra, Pokemon (PTU), and Call of Cthulhu games. I've spent 1300~ hours GMing using Foundry since early 2021, crafting immersive experiences as a Gamemaster. Here are images showing what the games look like in Foundry. I'm always trying to level up as a GM! - I had 1400~ hours in Roll20 from 2013-2021 both playing and GMing 5e and Savage Worlds, about half that time as a GM. Since 2021 I have placed a lot more time and effort into being a Gamemaster as it's just really very fun!

GM style

My focus is on Roleplaying, Combat, accessing PC plot/backstory to forge interesting situations for the players, and most of all having fun. I love the comedic and dramatic tones of TTRPGs and will decide where to be in that spectrum based on the players. I love RPing and will attempt many different kinds of voices! I try my very best to give every character the most attention I can so that the players feel more immersed. The rules are simply guidelines, they are not set in stone. If it makes sense, it should be possible. I am definitely a "Yes, and," type of GM who tends to be on the side of the players but will still provide a worthy challenge.

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