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I'm a GM who cares about having fun, with 8+ years of experience in it. I currently only focus on D&D 5e, but I've GMed Savage Worlds, Lancer, Tephra, Cthulhu, and handmade Homebrew systems based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Hunter x Hunter. My focus is on Roleplaying, Combat, accessing PC plot/backstory, and having fun. I love both the comedic and dramatic tones of TTRPGs and will decide where to be in that spectrum based on the players. I love using interesting voices for NPCs, it's a lot of fun as a GM. All of my Campaign plotlines are rooted in the Player Characters, as they make the decisions on where to go, what to do, who to talk to, as their interests/goals/backstories will drive forth the reasons as to why they make these decisions- therefore they MUST be implemented. I've been playing D&D since 2011. As a Roll20 user since early 2013, I've put 1400~ hours into playing and GMing, about 2/3rds GMing. Since early 2021 As a Foundry user, I've spent about 850~ hours primarily GMing/building. I only use Foundry currently.

GM style

It's all about fun, the most fun thing for me as a GM is when players are having fun. I find out what the players are looking for and connect each player by the ties of their interests to create a cohesive mix of experiences. Every single player has important game beats that need to be hit, and my goal is to make those connections happen. My focus tends to be on Combat, Roleplaying, Exploration, and Mystery Solving, all within a dynamic story revolving around the player's backstories and goals. The players are in a world that is alive, there are other adventurers, other problems being solved, other dangerous enemies, and wonderful allies to find. Treasures likely to never be found, monsters and unnatural lands to traverse. I enjoy having this known throughout my games. I love RPing and will create odd and sometimes (most times) hilarious voices. I try my very best to give every character the most love I can to bring you into the world, to speak with them. I deal in purely fun combat. The rules are simply guidelines, they are not set in stone. If it makes sense, it should be possible. If the rules keep you from being immersed in the world, those rules don't keep you invested in playing. The rulings I might decide will a majority of the time benefit the player, as when players are creative enough to ask to do that imaginative thing, I believe that it should be possible, as most things are in a world of magic, futuristic science, etc.

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