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About me

Hello! I'm a 28 year old trans girl who's been playing TTRPGs since high school. I went from D&D 3.5, 4E, and now I run 5E, Pathfinder 2nd edition, and Starfinder. Above all else, I am a storyteller. I enjoy the art of crafting a satisfying plot, either in my own stories or at the table. I'll often create maps or write out campaign flowcharts for the fun of it, and I know enough about stories to feel comfortable going off-book. I argue that any GM is also a game designer, but video and board game design is a niche interest of mine. I'm invested in game balance and comfortable making my own items and tweaks to the monsters.

GM style

As a writer, my campaigns focus on story. You can expect narrative descriptions of characters and scenes, with less focus on character or map art. I'm in my element when I'm running a world and a story I've created myself, and pre-written campaigns don't have the same level of excitement to me. I try to run my combats with crunchy descriptions and fair balance. I don't like to ban any established races or classes, because the stronger the party is, the higher-level monsters they're giving me permission to use. I'm a firm believer that no plan survives first contact with the players, so I'm comfortable improvising. The reason I love TTRPGs as opposed to video games is that you can do anything you set your mind to, and I enable that level of freedom as much as possible.

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