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About me

I've been a DM for about 7 years now, 5e since its release. Familiar with mechanics, optional rules, and the know-how to create balanced, custom settings, items, and campaigns, I can promise the game you've been looking for. I play to tell collaborative stories, where each player and character sees development. The "Rule of Cool" reigns, and my table is open to anyone committed to worthwhile, genuine games. I make it my goal to customize each narrative to the player's specifications, with investment in backstory and character arcs. While modules provide solid prep and setting cohesiveness, the best parts of storytelling are the relationships and catharsis brought by the players and their relationships. So, the focus is always on the player's wants and desires, providing personalization to every party, and a personal investment in every game.

GM style

As a DM, I love mechanically interesting and RP-rich combat. I'm better than average at voices during RP, and I've been told that I make each NPC feel like a real person. I go out of my way to incorporate backstory and player agency into each game, and to make a story worth remembering.

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